Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Although I do not want to wish my life away ~ these hot and humid days make me long for the cool autumn days and wind driven frosty evenings where I welcome the warmth of homemade soup and a loaf of bread taken right from the oven. I love the dusky sunlight of October ~ the smell of wood burning in the fireplace and visiting the local farm stand where I shake the hands that share their harvest with surrounding neighbors. The images of Autumn's crimson season brings out the nesting instinct in me and I want to cherish the visions of pumpkins; bouquets of twigs and mini clusters of red berries, miniature pine cones and dried pods of milkweed. I love the plaids; the local farmstands selling local maple syrup, homemade fudge, baskets of crispy red apples; wool blankets and throws; a vintage quilt; my mother's apple crisp; watching my grandchildren run around on crisp autumn leaves that have fallen to the gound; and listening to December by George Winston. It is an enchanting time of year and every year I love it just a little bit more.

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  1. I agree with you but Summer just started, so I know better than to crave autumn weather. Not gonna happen in the desert here any time soon. That's why we all have swimming pools. LOL