Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Victorian Floral and Lace Journal

Hi everyone! I just had to show you the journal I made and is for sale on my website. I call it the Victorian Floral and Lace Journal and I used some items that I found at! She has fabulous packages of items she collects and sells to people like me who need those extra special treasures I can't seem to find. I use fabric to cover my journals, memory books and recipe books and I will be posting many more as the days go by. Thank you my friend Michelle!!!


  1. That Michelle has the best stuff, doesn't she? She is a dear heart for sharing her finds with us.

    Marilyn, your journal is beautiful. It makes me want to start a "journal" group. I'd make journals all day long, if I could.

    This one will sell quickly - it gorgeous!

  2. oh lovely the sweet of you to compliment my petite tresors! you made it all "come to life!" i thank you for taking the time to share this on your blog and with me. i rarely get a glimpse of what creations evolve with these pieces from the past once someone purchases them. it was a joy to see yours!