Friday, August 13, 2010

Places to Dream

Many an afternoon I sit in my living room working on different projects ~ and it has become a cheerful space to create and to dream.

There is only one window in the room but in Autumn I can see the leaves changing colors and in winter ... the snow falls softly (or heavily) on the church steeple that can be seen from my comfortable sofa. Early this summer there was a violent thunderstorm (with tornado warnings which is unusual for this area) and I have to say the show of lightning was spectacular.

I have only lived here a year but from the moment I moved in the corner next to that window belonged to an antique mahongony card table that I inherited from my grandparents. It is the "space" I have used to create vignettes for the different seasons. Now, as Mother Nature is bringing about its' subtle changes, the late afternoon sun sheds a faded glow in that corner of the room. Somehow the candles, lace, vintage books, different floral arrangements and antique bowls and vases have found a home there.

That quiet and cozy place is where I feel safe. It is warm and cozy and is a refuge from some of the harsh realities we all have to bear. We can all create our own beauty and I hope you have your own place to dream.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. oh have such a way of expressing your thoughts, moods and feelings that they become one's OWN! How very lovely and thought-provoking. I too have a quiet, cozy,creative and "reflective' space. I call it my "haven." thanks for sharing yours my friend!

  2. Beautiful post, Marilyn. I felt such peace this morning having coffee in my studio. Tt's still a mess with everything that is going on in there but either I've made peace with it or maybe I removed a bad element of some sort. Very hard to tell but I felt it.

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    Such a lovely post.
    One of the greatest pleasures in life is just to sit by the window and watch the sky!
    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you Michelle, Rhonda and Angela for your kind and generous comments. It is interesting you mentioned 'watching the sky' as I've been told that only 3% of everyone ... bother to look up when they enter a space. We miss so much, don't we? I remember when I was a little girl all of us either made angels in the snow or made images out of the clouds floating above ... what so many miss. So, I tell my grandchildren (all the time) that they need to look "up"! Hugs!