Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Cherished Object

There are folks who feel it is more important to love a living being than "just an object". I won't even begin to debate the issue however, as a lover of antiques, artifacts, old things and yes ~ even some 'junk' I have always thought of it as a history lesson. Often, you can love an inanimate object just because of what it represents.

At many a yard sale, I would sometimes come across an item, pick it up and just hold it. I used to look for 'markings' and often became frustrated when I could find nothing. I'd put it down and go off to look at some of the other tables but found myself going back to that special item. Again, I would feel the wood or see if the porcelain had any chips or cracks. Even if everything was intact I often felt as though I needed to justify its worth. So, I put it down again. One more look around at everything else and then ~ almost instantly ~ I had to go back, pay for it and take it home with me. Now, without panic in my eyes, I would saunter over to the table where the item was sitting. One time, I went back and it was gone. I could have cried but as an adult I composed myself and tried to act as if it was no big deal. Suddenly, there it was. Someone else had picked it up and like me ~ didn't "see" the $ value and put it back. It was whispering to me. So, I carefully picked it up ~ paid for it immediately and brought it to my car.

I love the imperfections of the past. I often wonder who held it. If it is linen or lace I would love to know who made it, how old were they, were their hands fumbled by youth; were their fingers sturdy and confident; were they made by old arthritic fingers ~ yet steeped with experience and knowledge? Just holding these items I can often feel the spirit that has transcended through time. I love the imperfections ~ and often you can tell if they were left or right handed ~ depending on the direction the item follows when you lay it on a table.

A dear friend (Michelle from PetiteMichelleLouise) included a piece in her blog by Harold Darling (I LOVE OLD THINGS) so I purchased his book. I found it on and it is now one of my cherished items. In the book he wrote "...I feel that it is right to cherish that which has been cherished by those who came before me".

Enjoy the hunt, cherish the past and embrace the future.


  1. Marilyn, your exact words could have been poured from my heart. I, too, have set something down and walked away, knowing in my head I really wanted it. When I went back to get it, it was gone and I was just sick....the ideas of what I would have done with it swimming in my mind.

    I have learned now to just BUY IT! If I change my mind, then I will be the one to decide to get rid of it again....instead of longing for it without ever having had it pass through my fingers. I do realize this decision making process gets a little more complicated when the price of something is higher though, but I justify it by saying, "Well, I'll just sell it on Etsy" and get my money back if I change my you do that? Seems to work for me! :)

    I'm off to look at Harold Darling's book, but know that you are not alone as a collector/admirer of cherished items...some are just too nice to be passed over! And I believe you and I are to be the final judges of what it is WE cherish! LOL.....


  2. Hi Sue. I posted a comment and it went off into never-never land. I just wanted to let you know we are kindred spirits and how much I love sharing stories, food, photos of my past ~ to my grandchildren. Their favorite show is "The Andy Griffith Show" (Barney is their favorite) and having grown up in the 50's for me it truly was "Happy Days". Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by and leaving a note. Hugs, Marilyn

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    Thanks so much for visiting me! I've enjoyed visiting your blog. The Cherished Object post so resonates with me. It is a joy to cherish that which has been cherished before.

  4. Hi Marylyn,
    I've been there too, sometimes things just caal you back and have to be yours.
    congratulations on being the winner in my first giveaway!!