Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sammy, Ben and Name

Two of my grandsons, Sammy (7) and Benjamin (2) had a sleepover here not too long ago. Benjamin's baby bear (created and designed by Doreen Frost at for Benjamin's 2nd birthday in June and the bear was christened "Bhalu". Every time Ben would see him he would say "name"? I would say "Bhalu" and he would say "Name?". We'd go back and forth until last week ~ because he now can say more words and express himself better in sentence form. When he got here he ran to the rocker on the porch (where Bhalu sits) ~ picked him up, gave him a hug and said "Name?" I said Bhalu and he said "Granny ~ he's Name". He named the bear Name. Heavens, we could have gone on for hours ~ like Who's on First! So precious. Anyway, I couldn't sleep all night long but Sammy assured me he would take care of Ben. I tiptoed in the bedroom and I took this photo around 5:00 in the morning ~ Ben's arm (Ben is on the left/Sammy on the right) is still linked through Sammy's and Name is between them.


  1. oh..this is too sweet! the next time they come for a sleepover CALL ME! I'd love to help watch these little angels.

  2. P.S. LOVE the new pictures on your sideblog!

  3. They are just precious Marilyn! I love, love the curly hair and love the bear!

  4. Ooh I LOVe this story - that's so sweet and why can't a lovely teddy be called "Name"!!!
    Reminds me of my 3yr old son (now 36y)we were in Church one day and the priest came on the altar and my son asked in a loud voice "Mummy is that God".....
    They are so precious - sadly my grandys live in France......
    Take care