Saturday, September 18, 2010

What a beautiful time of year this is.

I drove my mom to West Concord this morning to find a few places to shop and then on to Concord, MA for lunch in one of our favorite restaurants. It was a cool day ~ we kept waiting for the sun to appear ~ but in a way I am glad it didn't as the cloudy gray sky, coupled with the cool breeze, added to the ambiance the season. Autumn has arrived here in New England.

Pumpkins (I didn't know there were white pumpkins) are now displayed on many of the front porches of homes in our quaint New England villages; stores are putting out the Halloween candy and displaying the costumes and do-dads to create your own "costume"; and the leaves are now beginning to change in the glorious colors this area is famous for.

One of the biggest fairs in the area will be held next week and I am truly looking forward to purchasing cider to make cups of hot mulled cider; picking apples in local orchards to make my grandmothers recipe for Apple Crisp; buying a couple more mugs to make hot chocolate; stock up on yarn to make afghans and scarves for the troops; and visiting all the fall fairs that are scheduled for the next month or so.

Here are some of photos I took at the Idylwilde Fruit stand that has everything under the sun the for seasonal decorations ~ as well as vegetables, cheeses, fruit, meats, plants, flowers and homemade baked goods and candy.

I hope all of you get to enjoy the changes of the season where you live. And don't forget that Tuesday (21 September) is the Autumnal Equinox ~ a celebration of the day that has an equal amount of daylight and darkness.



  1. lovely post marilyn! yes...autumn has arrived in new england. I love it! my favorite time of year. the crispness in the air...the gorgeous foliage...still being able to sleep with the windows open. it's heaven! sounds like you had a nice day. i will have to check out that lovely farm you went to!

  2. So romantic & beautiful blog, I love it:)